Booking a Venue

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hen party venues

Organising a hen party or event for friends and family is not always the easiest thing and when looking for a venue you also need to consider the activities you want to take part in and these two things don’t always match.

At Hunks in Trunks we normally don’t organise or recommend venues unless they are a registered venue of ours (see Our Venues) and so we require clients to provide the space for us to work.

However if you are looking for venues we have a few useful tips which will help save you time.

Things to consider when booking a venue for a hunk

1) When speaking with a venue about our service always inform them that we (Hunks in Trunks) have full public, product and employer liability insurance up to £10 million and so our staff would be insured to be there. The number one objection you will hear from a venue is that a their own insurance wouldn’t cover external contractors being there

2) Avoid restaurants – generally they don’t allow the service, unless they offer private rooms, in respect of their other guests that may be dining in the restaurant

3) Look for bars where you can book or hire private areas or rooms as they’re often happy to allow us to work in those spaces and have more relaxed external contractor policies

4) Please inform us if you’re booking a butler in a public space as if the butler has to work around people not involved in the party it could create a safety concern

5) Remember we can provide a butler to any private location such as hotel rooms, apartments or homes

6) Please always get permission from a venue if you’re booking our service and explain that it is a professional and tasteful waiting service and there is no stripping or full nudity involved

7) Finally if you have any problems with a venue direct the venue manager to our website ( or get them to contact our events team as this normally does the trick. Unfortunately we work in an industry where many ‘companies’ don’t offer the same professionalism in the services they provide and so it’s not unusual for venue owners or mangers to have a negative idea of what a naked butler is, who might be attending or the company they are working for

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